Please read these rules as failure to comply will result in you being asked to leave the venue or may even cause the event to be STOPPED and CANCELLED

ARRIVE – COMPETE – LEAVE  – As a BE venue they have chosen to adopt this for our unaffiliated events. Please to stick to your times and to your bubbles, compete and leave.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – 2M’S – Everyone must adhere to Covid 19 social distancing guidance whilst mounted and on the ground- 2m’s. Face covering is required at secretaries area & if you need to use the toilets (use those marked Unisex (formerly gents side). Please spray the door handle and loo handle with the antibac spray provided.

PERMITTED NUMBER OF ATTENDEES – Each competitor may bring 1 Support person per horse. No non-essential persons are permitted on this event site, so sadly NO SPECTATORS.

COVID 19 EVENT DAY HEALTH CHECK– All persons on any Event site to adhere to PHE & HMG guidance and advice on Social Distancing Measures (https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus). You must not attend if you are unwell.   Everybody attending the Event will have their temperature checked at the Secretaries area, at check in.

* All horses must have up to date flu vaccinations and be free from any signs of illness. This means in the last 12 months the event organizer if not us, reserve the right to random passport check in the box park to ensure compliance.


The front line of our lorry park is pegged out to be BE Covid compliant parking wise. The first lorries must park with the line of poly posts at the front of the lorry park directly to the left of your bonnet (with just enough room to pull away past them but no more) and next to the vehicle already parked unless 1st on site.

All subsequent lines of vehicles must PARK in line with the vehicle in front . There will be overflow parking on the right of drive in for later arrivals.  Being able to socially distance with the box next door whilst using the box park space efficiently is key.


The secretary will be based in a marked Caravan between carpark & SJ arena to answer any event day queries, and for Booking in from 8.45am.  

Wear a face mask & stand 2m apart in any queue. Stewards, members & non members and your assistants need to check in with the Secretary on arrival. You will have your temperature checked & need to sign a declaration form (will be sent to competitors before competition) and competitors will be given three bib numbers. One of which is to be placed in the front windscreen of your vehicle.


If you need help Carousel ground Crew will be wearing Hi-Viz Jackets. They are in radio communication with First Aid, and will be pleased to assist you.

In between classes competitors and support should base themselves at their lorry/trailer in their bubbles.  Please use your hand sanitizer or wash your hands at your boxes regularly during the event.

Competitors should bring all their wash off and drinking water for their horses to avoid tap contact Covid 19 risks.  If you forget or run out you must spray the horse water tap (front of lorry park) with anti bac please.  

Dogs are welcome must stay on short leads and you must poop scoop and take that home with your rubbish. There are no on site bins.

There will be 1 Covid compliant onsite caterers van selling refreshments next to the red and blue building. As a Covid19 precaution the red & blue building is closed to competitors.


There is no on-site score board and no running scores up during the day.  All results will be posted on our Facebook & website after the end of the event.  All results queries should be made ASAP. All prize money, rosettes and trophies will be posted.  

Event day rules

Horse and Rider: As per BRC competition Rules.

Each competitor may have take their 1 support person with them into the warm up to tighten girths etc but the support person should where possible largely stay at the edge of the warm up area  a min of 2m’s apart from others and must leave the warm up area as soon as you have jumped. No additional coaches etc.

Competitors should arrive via the marked entrance gate to the SJ warm up and if need to leave the warm up leave by the marked exit gate the other side.  Check in with the steward on arrival in warm up.  Everyone will jump to their allocated times. No more than 6 horses in the warm up arena.

The warm up fences are manned by event personnel wearing gloves throughout the day to manage Covid 19 risk. YOUR SUPPORT PERSON MAY NOT PUT UP FENCES FOR YOU.

Many thanks.


Carousel Riding Club