What a fantastic day the Carousel Riding Club had yesterday at Wix Equestrian Centre. We sent two junior teams and one senior team along for the Novice Indoor SJ Qualifers and they all came home with rosettes!

The Juniors set an amazing standard with both teams finishing the first round on a zero score. They then repeated … this in the second round, and being the only two teams to do this, had to jump off against each other! With some great riding from all team members it was sad that only 1 team could take the top spot and qualify for the Championships at Hartpury in April. With the better score in the jump off, it was the Carousel Red team of Emily Shiach, Millie Thompson, Kelsey Read and Jessica Mountain who took the class, closely followed by the Blue team of Ellie Wales, Georgina Bowett, Georgia Key and Millie Thompson (again!).

The Seniors tried their hardest to emulate this but with only 3 team members so all scores counting, and 12 other teams to beat, it was a tall order! We fInished the first round on a score of 4 (my fault!), but finished the second round on a zero score. There was no jump off required in the seniors to determine the result, it was an outright win for the Colne Valley with a zero score after the 2 rounds. The lower placings were sorted out on time and with a slighlty slower time than the Carleton, the senior team of Paul Monks, Jess Shiach and myself finished a respectable 3rd!

So a very enjoyable if not somewhat tiring day out was had by all.

I would just like to thank everyone involved including all the riders and Mums (and one Dad) for being on the ball and in the right place at the right time, and especially Donna Armitage for driving, getting all the horses ready and generally making my life easier yesterday.

Well done everyone.