Open Novice Cross Country Sunday 8th. August 2021 at Lexham Hall, Litcham PE32 2QJ




To help you fill in the entry form. Please note: If you enter the ‘clear round’  you must put N/A in the Class drop down box (this applies  visa versa for a class entry).  When completed you can  put the entry in the basket  then carry on and enter another class. All drop down boxes must have something in.


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All competitors will be given times owing to the Covid 19 threat . Small number of CR entries will be permitted on the day for  Pre entered competitors 

Optimum Time over whole course Classes 2,4 &5

Class 1 CLEAR ROUND  35cm approx 15-17 jumps  Clear round rosettes

CLASS 2 Beginners Approx 35cm approx Rosettes to 6th place

CLASS 3 Clear Round 65 cm Clear round Rosettes

CLASS4 Intro  65cm (approx) Rosettes to 6th place.

Class 5 Small Open  80cm. (approx)Rosettes to 6th place (Prizes

ENTRIES CLOSE ON Wednesday 4th.  August 2021
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The course can be walked from 2pm on Saturday 8th. August 2020
Catering on site

Clear round:  Members £12     Non-members £15

Classes 2, 4,& 5   Members £15    Non-members £20

First aid 50p.




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N/A, Class 2. 35cm, Class 4 65 cm, Class 5 80cm

Clear Round

N/A, Class 1 35cm Clear round, Class 3 65 cm clear round

First Aid