Times for Hunter Trial and One Day Event Blackwater Sunday 26th. September 2021

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Results for Lexham HT 8th. August 2021: Enter

Results Eventer Trial 25th. July 2021:

There was an error in the previously published result for Class 9 this is the latest and correct result: Enter

Eventer Trial Results: Enter

Dressage Results: Enter

Dressage and Arena Eventing Results 6th. June 2021 at Blackwater: Dressage

 70Martin HaggithUnique9.0069.0069.342
 100Lisa FreaneyDaisy Lane9.07W/D
 61Euan CurnowEllie9.1466.08644
Class 1101Helen SkinnerApache Spirit9.2164.56646
Intro c102Rochelle KeelerHephzibar9.2863.4763
 103Vika McCarraherBanana Blossom9.3563.9166
 104Harriet Perry-WarnesJessie9.4268.47703
 105Alison FraserHarvey9.4969.78731
 106Sophie AllenMr Murphy9.5665.65645
Class 270Martin HaggithUnique9.3048.18525
Prelim 7100Lisa FreaneyDaisy Lane9.37W/D
 61Euan CurnowEllie9.4451.81533
 107Val DunneMocha9.5159.54611
 108Lucy OsborneTeddy9.5858.18602
 19Helen WisemanMy Last Rolo10.0547.72466
 74Emilie MurphyLucy Lockette10.1248.63484
Class 355Martin HaggithApache Spirit10.1572.11751
 108Lucy OsborneTeddy10.2268.65703
Prelim14109Donna DunnachieRussell10.2966.92674
 110Sue VincentDonut10.3669.80712
 111Rhiannon TrentonLulu10.3049.5019
Class 464Paula BushellMoatwood Benjamin10.3764.2526.52
BE90 95112Florence ThurstonBetty Boop10.4449.5020
 29Angela McauleyDolino11.0268.00271
 113Jane KennyGlamarosa11.0955.50246
 114Kelly BurtonCwmtysswg Bandit11.2657.254
 3Liz DelanoyTreasure11.3355.7526.55
 115Rhiannon TrentonLuka11.4061.00263
Class 566Julie ColleyDevilment11.0070.62582
Novice 2864Paula BushellMoatwood Benjamin11.0768.95573
 116Eleanor BoneMilk & Honey11.1467.50574
 117Jessica LawrenceVantage11.21W/D
 67Julie ColleyRoyal Skies11.2871.25601
 67Julie ColleyRoyal Skies11.501
Class 6    

Arena Eventing

Class 7    TimeTime /PenFaultsPlace
50cm102Rochelle KeelerHephzibar10.00E
 112Florence ThurstonBetty Boop10.03110.0041
 993Kara Foreman-MulleySpryt10.17E
Class 8118claire simsTiffany10.20117.009.64
60cm119Daisy BruckiPebbles10.23120.008.446
 120Samantha CurtisFandangos Gold10.26113.0011.25
 19Helen WisemanMy Last Rolo10.29E
 997Ethan JarraldFoxy10.32147.001.21
 11Sarah StubbsAlfie10.35120.008.446
 102Rochelle KeelerHephzibar10.38E
 74Emilie MurphyLucy Lockette10.41E
 41Tina LakeTequila Sunrise10.44133.003.23
 121Janet BradshawBoyne Valley Royal10.47150.001.62
 107Val DunneMocha10.50148.003.240
Class 9118claire simsTiffany11.00128.005.28
70cm8Laura KillingtonPeter Pan11.03155.005.612
 17Shannonmarie WatsonHermes11.06120.008.46
 114Kelly BurtonCwmtysswg Bandit11.09137.001.28
 103Vika McCarraherBanana Blossom11.12E
 110Sue VincentDonut11.15117.009.6
 122Daisy BruckiPebbles11.18123.006.85
 123alyson govettGloria11.21E
 124Evelyn MillbankEllie11.24144.001.243
 125Flo HenryRuby diamond surprise11.27157.006.48
 980Maisie TaylorBella11.30E
 126Victoria ArcherJames11.33E
 19Helen WisemanMy Last Rolo11.36
 47Lisa BrownWillow11.39W/D
 29Angela mcauleyDolino11.42145.001.644
 997Ethan JarraldFoxy11.45132.003.64
 18Shannonmarie WatsonTaste the Rainbow11.48114.0010.8
 11Sarah StubbsAlfie11.51E
 41Tina LakeTequila Sunrise11.54134.002.81
 981Summer MurfitDixie11.57123.006.820
 112Florence ThurstonBetty Boop12.00133.003.224
 127Donna DunnachieRussell12.03133.003.22
 994Kara Foreman-MulleyMr Pickles12.30136.00212
Class 10115Rhiannon trentonLuka12.33125.004.245
 76Frances RichardsonMancini12.36114.006.84
80cm124Evelyn MillbankEllie12.39140.003.63
 125Flo HenryRuby diamond surprise12.42132.000.41
 63Emma ArcherChacoa Cruise12.45127.001.686
 128Sarah MorganIf and When12.48145.005.620
 66Julie ColleyDevilment12.51E
 64Paula Bushell
Moatwood Benjaman
 29Angela mcauleyDolino12.57
 981Summer MurfitDixie13.00126.0028
 129Michael James KiddleFinal Fantasy 213.03126.00216
 114Kelly BurtonCwmtysswg Bandit13.06
 53Laura SmithShakira13.09150.007.64
 111Rhiannon trentonLulu13.12142.004.812
 116Elenor BoneMilk and Honey13.15175.0017.644
 123alyson govettGloria13.18W/D
Class 1169Frances RichardsonO what a pearl13.30E
90cm63Emma ArcherChacoa Cruise13.33127.001.242
 128Sarah MorganIf and When13.36134.001.241
 65Paula BushellLittle Mo13.39119.004.885
 53Laura SmithShakira13.42146.0063
 70Martin HaggithLady Lexi13.45115.006.44
994Cara foreman mullyMr. Pickles13.48136.002326

Results of Show Jumping and Dressage at Blackwater Sunday 9th. May 2021 : Results

Show Jumping Results for 11th. April 2021:- Download

ClassNumberRiderHorse% PlaceMember
Class 1199Oliver MaysGeorge65.4 2NM
Intro B200Lucy OsborneTeddy60 6NM
Arena 1201Sophie AllanMr Murphy55.4  NM
 202Olivia WilliamsDriver64.5 3NM
 203Val DunneMocha57.6  NM
 204Jade FryettMylo48.4  NM
 42Chantal DereepereDanika  NSM
 205Emily wrightAbbey lands Florence61.3 5NM
 61Euan CurnowElusive Choice62.8 4M
 12Lindsay LippMystery Merlin68.9 1M
 206Lisa FreaneyDaisy Lane51.9  NM
 19Helen WisemanMy Last Rolo58.9 6M
Class 2207Isabel KingstonStewy62.9 3NM
 208Georgia HildonNighttime Lady56.8  NM
Prelim2985Daisy SextonMable Mouse60.5 5M
Arena 264Paula BushellMoatwood Benjamin68.9 1M
 200Lucy OsborneTeddy60.6 4NM
 199Oliver MaysGeorge63.4 2NM
Class 3236Rhiannon RixOpus54.8  M
Pr 1364Paula BushellMoatwood Benjamin69.2 2M
Arena 2209Rhiannon TrentonCasanova Di telefra Z61.7  NM
 210Helen DixonLeo62.5 6NM
 211Dido MannersTom64 5NM
 212Benjie MannersNeddy65.1 4NM
 213Gemma HewittPhantom Flipper60.7  NM
 998Caitlin JacketsMack Big60.1  NM
 215Rhiannon TrentonLady Lulu69.6 1NM
 216Polly PapworthDerg65.9 3NM
 987Faith DilleyAingeal Phadante53.8  M
 217Charlotte PezzottaMy Glen Star60.1  NM
 218Lily MorganIf and When62.5 6NM
 235Frances RichardsonO What a Pearl59.7  NM
Class 4222Rhiannon RixArtifice63 5NM
BE91220April WaterlowSmurf67 2NM
Arena 1990Lucy AllenIsla57.5  M
 988Isabel AllenGizmo60.7 6M
 219Milly EckettSpringfield Sprint63.2 4NM
 216Polly PapworthDerg66.2 3NM
 221Frances RichardsonMancini68 1NM
 66Julie ColleyDevilment62.7 4M
Class 5223Rhiannon TrentonIthaka w64.7 1NM
Nov-28218Lily MorganIf and When61 5NM
Arena 2224Dotte GowingEd64.5 2NM
 67Julie ColleyRoyal Skies64.5 3M
 236Catherine BennettBellamy61.7 3NM
Class 6984Georgia DilleySpirit of the dance ii56.8 4M
Nov-3067Julie ColleyRoyal Skies65.3 1M
Arena 2    
  Elem 44     
 236Catherine BennettBellamy62.8 2 
Class 7225Amira SmithMillie  3NM
40cm227Darcy FowlerDuke  ENM
 991Holly MillerBumble  2M
 228Ella Fitzalan HowardBarry  1NM
Class 841Tina LakeTequila Sunrise46.26 3M
50 cm227Darcy FowlerDuke66.26 5NM
 204Jade FryettMylo  ENM
 229Sarah StubbsAlfie40.68 1NM
 991Holly MillerBumble45.75 2M
 233Isobel SextonAvonbank Moonlight46.47 4M
Class 9218Lily MorganIf and When49.68 3NM
60cm221Rhiannon RixArtifice43.36 6M
 42chantal dereeperedanika  ENM
 231Val DunneMocha70.51 4NM
 41Tina LakeTequila Sunrise42.5442M
 232Sarah StubbsAlfie40.9145NM
 61Euan CurnowElusive Choice  EM
 997Ethan JarraldFoxy 12 M
 991Holly MillerBumble 12 M
 980Maisie TaylorBella38.85 1M
 987Faith DilleyAingeal Phadante  EM
 236Rhiannon RixOpus 16 NM
Class 10       
 19Helen WisemanMy Last Rolo  EM
70cm220April WaterlowSmurf47.874 NM
 997Ethan JarraldFoxy38.2145M
 980Maisie TaylorBella38.36 1M
 981Summer MurfitDixie43.99 2M
 988Isabel AllenGizmo42.1346M
 233Emma PapworthFoxy48.37 4NM
 47Lisa BrownWillow47.16 3M
Class 1119Helen WisemanMy Last Rolo  EM
80cm209Rhiannon TrentonCasanova Di telefra Z 20 NM
 219Milly EckettSpringfield Sprint 12 NM
 220April WaterlowSmurf  ENM
 53Laura SmithShakira37.06 3M
 65Paula BushellBenny37.35 4M
 998Caitlin JacketsMack Big33.99 1M
 217Charlotte PezzottaMy Glen Star 16 NM
 981Summer MurfitDixie38.44 5M
 990Lucy AllenIsla44.39  M
 233Emma PapworthFoxy43.03 6NM
 984Georgia Dilleyspirit of the dance ii  EM
 64Paula BushellLittle Mo38.5542M
 222Frances richardsonMancini64.24 NM
 208Georgia HildonNighttime Lady 12 NM
Class12222Frances richardsonMancini42.9586NM
90 cm998Caitlin JacketsMack Big37.584M
 218Lily MorganIf and When47.7543NM
 224Dotte GowingEd51.218 NM
 53Laura SmithShakira41.6485M
 223Rhiannon TrentonIthaka w   NM
 67Julie ColleyRoyal Skies52.248 M
 235Frances richardsonO what a pearl42.61 1NM
 64Paula BushellLittle Mo38.5542M

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